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Winegard Mobile Satellite RV Products

Swiden Distributing Inc. makes it easy to take entertainment and communication with you on the go. Winegard mobile satellite products will give you access to a variety of channels, and will allow you to tap into broadband internet even when you are away from home. We carry a wide array of top-quality RV products including antennas, satellites, connectors, adaptors and more, so you can find everything you need for on-the-go entertainment in one place.

With over 60 years of experience, Winegard has become one of the most trusted manufacturers of mobile satellite products. Winegard RV antennas and satellites are made for the road, so they are durable, secure, reliable and made with a versatile design equipped for the demands of travel. The Winegard Crank Up Satellite attaches easily to all types of RVs and other similar vehicles, giving you access to satellite TV and internet. A simple and reliable crank mechanism makes it easy to extend the equipment when you are using it and to pull it back in when you are traveling, preventing damage.

The Winegard Hand Crank Up Off-Air Antenna works in the same fashion, using a hand crank to extend when needed and then to fold down back towards the RV to protect the device during travel. At Swiden Distributing Inc., we carry a variety of different models that will fit almost any RV and we can help you select the best Winegard RV antenna for your needs.

To learn more about mobile antennas and satellites from Winegard, and to find the right products for your personal RV or the RVs in your lot, contact Swiden Distributing Inc. today.