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Cable, Satellite and HomeTheater 
Installation Tools

Swiden Distributing offers cable, satellite, and home theater installation tools that will make any job easier. We offer the leading industry manufactures - Platinum Tools, Cable Prep, Holland Electronics, Steren Electronics, Cable Tek, Ripley, Applied Instrument, Corning Gilbert, Channel Master, and Applied Instrument to name just a few.

Swiden Distributing Inc has all your cable, satellite and home theater installation supplies to help you with any job, they will make your job easier and look professional.

By having the proper tools & Supplies for a Cable install or if you are doing a DIRECTV, Dish Networks also V-SAT Satellite Dish Installation they are a MUST!  Even your own home theater project takes special tools to do the job right!

With having all of the right tools and supplies at the installation site it will keep you from turning a 1-day install into a 3 day's. You should pay close attention to the tools you will want to have with you on site as an installer.

Many of these tools are specialized tools - you can be purchase from Swiden Distributing our customized Installers Tool bag. We highly recommend this purchase because tracking down the right tools for the job can sometimes be a challenge.