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Winegard Parts & Accessories Distributor

Winegard Company, incorporated in 1954, has been a leading manufacturer of quality television reception products for over 50 years. During those years, we have made important contributions to the growth and development of the television industry, becoming a respected world leader in the design of innovative, quality products.

Winegard Company enjoys a worldwide reputation, a reputation that has been built from our beginning and continues to grow. We count many “firsts” in the industry — all-channel yagi TV antenna, 82 channel antenna, antenna mounted preamplifiers, antenna amplifiers, anodizing process, perforated aluminum satellite antenna, RV television antenna — just to name a few!
Winegard - Mission In-Motion: White Dome: RT4000T
Regular Price: $1,650.00
Special Sales Price!: $1,450.00
Automatic Stationairy DIRECTV
Regular Price: $1,881.18
Special Sales Price!: $1,499.00
Winegard - Mission Stationary:White  Dome: RT4000S White
Your Price: $1,292.94
Winegard - Base Plate and Screws: RP3523
Your Price: $10.76
Winegard - Nylon bearing: RP2658
Your Price: $1.89
Winegard - VHF- UHF 2 bay Bow tie Antenna: HD1080
Regular Price: $37.59
On Sale For: $25.00
Case For Portable Dish RD9046
Regular Price: $52.88
Special Sales Price!: $25.00
Winegard - Ceiling Hardware kit for RD4600: RKCEIL
Your Price: $10.58
Winegard - Clamp knob for RD9046: 2200096
Your Price: $11.44
Conversion Kit - DIRECTV SWM to Dish Network
Regular Price: $0.00
On Sale For: $221.00
Winegard - Crank Handle kit for satellite system: RKHand
Your Price: $5.87