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4 Channel - High Def QAM modulator HQAM-4HD

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Model#: HQAM-4HD
Holland Electronics HQAM-4HD  4 Channel High Def QAM Modulator

Holland Electonics converts Digital and Standard Defintion audio and video siganls to QAM - outputted  onto a single coax!
Standard features include: Adjustable RF output, logical channel Mapping, and a variety of configurations options.
The Modulators admin functions are managed through the on-board LCD front panel, or by Computerthrough a Web browser utility
The Bowers-based admin utility is accessed either by IP address or typical network (with DHCP-enabled), or directly by computer/laptop with an Ethernet cord.

Key Features
Multiple resolution formats, including 1080, 720, 480
Outputs HD or SD Video over Extisting Coaxial Distribution Systems
Configuration and Administration Via the LCD Front Panel, or Web Browser Utility
Allows custom Channel Linup Creation and editing