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Indoor/Outdoor Speaker With Bluetooth: PA360

Price: $635.00
Model#: PA360

Portable Indoor/Outdoor Speaker 360 with 10Sub, Bluetooth by Pulse Audio

The PA360 is a complete 2.1 audio system. It allows the user to connect wirelessly either from a Bluetooth® Wireless Technology enabled source device (phone, computer, etc.) or directly with a 3.5mm” stereo cable to play high quality audio indoors or outdoors. The rechargeable battery allows for up to 8 hours max volume of play time off of a single charge. The top panel allows for manual control of the audio source and indicates when a device is connected Bluetooth and when the battery has little or no charge left. The PA360 is a versatile audio system for use indoors, outdoors and on the go.

Dimensions: 10” W X 26” H X 12” D
UPC: 741835106115