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Swiden Distributing Payment Terms

Web Pricing & Availability

Product price and availability information are subject to change without notice. We strive to keep stock and shipping information as accurate as possible. However, there are certain circumstances which are out of our control. For instance, if there is a limited supply of a product available, other customers may have purchased all our available stock during the time you first saw the item listed and actual time of order confirmation - creating a condition in which the item has become unavailable once again. We will ship the order as soon as stock replenishes - unless you decide to cancel your order prior to shipment. Please
contact us
if you would like to cancel your order. Include your last name, order number, and phone number for reference.

More ways to place an order than via the web

While our web site offers our customers a secure and convenient way to purchase items from our store, we do have customers who would like to complete the transaction using more traditional terms.

Place your order through our web site

Swiden Distributing makes ordering online a easy! You can order anything directly through our web site with you the use of your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card. Order placement is quick and easy, and you will be able to track your order all the way up to package delivery. For you convenience, we also accept PayPal payment services and utilize Google Checkout as forms of online payments as well.

Place your order over the phone

Swiden Distributing Inc. also offers the option of placing your order via the telephone. If you would like to make a purchase this way, please call us at 1-800-492-7736  during normal business hours. A representative from Swiden Distributing Inc. will be happy to assist you.

Order via regular mail (Check or Money Order)

Swiden Distributing also accepts check or money order as a form of payment. You will need to provide the correct information in your mailing with regards to the items you would like to purchase. Please contact us prior to sending us the information to determine proper shipping costs to your location. If we do not receive all of the information required below, we return the check to the address listed on postage and your order will not be processed.

Please provide the following information in your mailing:

(1) List of items and quantities you would like to purchase

(2) Your full name (first & last)

(3) Your phone number (including area code)

(4) Your Shipping address (P.O. Boxes not accepted)

(5) Your e-mail address (optional), for order confirmation.

(6) Check or Money Order for the total amount (discussed prior) of your intended order. PLEASE MAKE CHECK or MONEY ORDER payable to: Swiden Distributing Inc

Please send all of the above to the following address:

Swiden Distributing Inc
25759 Cottonwood Ave
Sioux Falls,  SD  57107

We will process and ship your order once funds have been cleared with all appropriated banks. Order notification and confirmations will only be sent to those customers who provide an e-mail address.